Animation and VFX industry

Animation and VFX industry is on boom and witnessing a surge in its growth like never before. With increasing digitization and cheap data packs across the world, the industry is expected to be one of the driving sectors of world’s economy in coming years.

Real Time Usage

Animation and Visual effects became a mandatory feature in all major movies and video games. As the user base is increasing for animated related content is expanding there would be much demand for it in coming days.


According to a latest report by Research and Market, the industry is pegged at US$ 254 Billion and projected to hit the figure of US$ 270 Billion in 2020. The scenario of Animation and VFX industry in India is analogous to that of world. As per the KPMG India-FICCI report, Indian Animation and VFX industry achieved a growth rate of 16.4 percent in 2016 and it will continue to maintain that rate in coming years.

The main drivers behind the sector’s growth include deep internet penetration and mobile devices. There was an increasing demand for high visual movies from movie watchers, therefore nearly 20-25% of production cost on a movie is spent on visual effects. The industry is not limited to few online video streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. anymore, because even websites like YouTube and Facebook had adapted to the new user demands.

The next segment of Animation and VFX industry is Video gaming across all digital platforms. The global video gaming industry is currently estimated to be US$ 92 Billion. This industry too had major stakes in Animation and VFX industry development as it requires more graphical content for Virtual Reality based and cloud based games in coming decade.

There was a paradigm shift in the working of this industry with regard to Indian context. Indian Animation and VFX industry had switched from traditional outsourcing model to own intellectual property and co-productions model. This will give further boost to the sector in future.

Job Opportunities

As the Animation and VFX industry is expected to maintain its sturdy growth rate it promises good career opportunities for those who have a knack in creativity, designing, art and programming. World’s major companies in the field like Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Blue Sky studios and many others are expanding their presence globally. Career opportunities in this industry include various roles like Layout Artist, Compositing Artist, Lighting Artist, Matte Painter, Match Move Artist etc.

People of this industry are one of the highly paid across the world. In India a fresher in this sector earns an average salary of 30,000 per month and the figures will be much higher for those who are skilled and as you move up across the ladder. At global level the average annual salary of a VFX game developer is approximately US$ 75,000 and US$ 93,000 for VFX artist.

Besides having a regular job one can also do freelancing, if you are well equipped with required skill set in all the Animation and VFX softwares like Autodesk 3DS’ Max, Blender and Autodesk Maya etc. The pays will be attractive and here in gig economy.

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