VFx- bringing the film industry into live action

What is VFx?

VFX is the hackneyed word for the term “Visual Effects”. Visual effects is the process by which the imagery is created outside the context of the live or the real shot in the procedure of film-making. The Visual Effects Industry makes the rendering of the impossible or expensive scenes happen with the help of numerous techniques using different methods to consolidate the real imagery with the computer generated imagery to give live action.


The VFx industry is a fast emerging industry because of its undeniable and indispensable part of filmmaking and video games. Off late, the work of the Indian studios has brought the VFx scene at the box office to the global notice. It can be related to the breathtaking work by the VFx studios in grossing films like Interstellar, Gravity, Avatar, and such. The scope of this industry cannot really be limited in verbal descriptions as the only limit that can be thought of are the people working in this industry. They are pushing their creative boundaries which keeps happening all the while in such a dynamic realm like VFx industry. This keeps pushing the possibilities of making impossible things possible using the day to day developments in the field.

Featuring VFx company

TThe name of Rhythm Hues is known to all when speaking about the VFx industry. Rhythm Hues is that VFx company of Los Angeles which had received the Academy award for the featuring film Babe in 1995. It is the only VFx house to have won this title thrice. After 1995, in 2008 for the Golden compass and then again in 2013 for the Life of Pi. In 2013 itself, 3 months after the release of Life of pi, the company had Filed for bankruptcy. This came as a shocker for many of the Visual Effects artists who came down to protest outside academy awards 2013.

Emergence of Vfx industry in Hindi cinema

Going back with time in the 90s VFx was thought of something to be only used in the Hollywood industry. We could only think of VFx as to some tiger flying/ bomb blast/ or some other action. What we didn’t was VFX isn’t all about action, it is the visual effects to being any scene to live action. VFx can also be used in cinematography this wasn’t known. The concept of Bollywood has changed, and so is the perception of the film directors. They are coming up with new concept like in movies Ra-One, Dhoom3, Padmaavat, Sultan, Krishh, Fan, Zero, Chennai Express, Judwaa 2, and many more to go. Whether speaking of Varun Dhawan’s double role in Judwaa2 or of Shahrukh Khan in Fan or Shahrukh’s role in Zero it is all the merit of the visual effects studio or rather say the VFx industry.


VFx industry deals with the breath-taking visuals and the scenes from the motion pictures, films and videogames. It renders the form that we usually watch on the final TV screen or the theatre screens. A lot of work is done behind the curtain. This is because of the final amazing visuals that we end up watching. It involves in the integration of the live footage and the generated imagery to create the end content which looks realistic which otherwise would be impossible or expensive to capture directly on the film. The Visual Effects supervisor undertakes the supervision of the entire process. The visual effects largely consist of special effects and digital effects. The VFx industry can be roughly categorized into simulation, animation, compositing, modeling and matte painting. There are numerous methods like the pre-production techniques like matte painting and front projection effects. It also includes post-production techniques like blue screening and green screening.

Software and Tools in VFx

There are multiple tools and softwares available in the market for the VFx industry today which enables the independent creators to come up with their own custom content suiting their needs. Notable mentions are

  • 1.Adobe Premier
  • 2.Adobe After Effects
  • 3.Autodesk Flame
  • 4.Bojou
  • 5.Mocha
  • 6.Silhouette
  • 7.PFTrack
  • 8.Eyeon Fusion
  • 9.Houdini
  • 10.The Foundry Nuke X

Various software publishers have come up with their own rendering engines, ideas and concepts of the imagery creation and improvement. A lot of them like Autodesk offer free licenses for students and bulk licenses for business. Thus, by enabling large sections of the interested population to immerse in the dazzling field of VFx industry. Get the in depth knowledge of any of it before installing or featuring to use. Each of them has their own pros and cons.

Career opportunities

A report on Indian media and Entertainment Industry in 2017 mentioned how quickly the industry grew in 2016. It grew at a staggering rate of 16.4 percent to INR 59.5 billion and was driven primarily by the VFx growth at 31 percent. This clearly shows the immense availability of the potential in the local market though the Indian film industries have not caught up to the international scenes in VFx. Not only is the interest of people in learning VFx increasing but the job prospects are equally increasing at the same pace in the Digital Domain.

Globally, there is an increase in the jobs in the VFx industry. The reason being the meaning and the concept of VFx coming to the knowledge of people and the biggest people understanding what it is all about. Thank you to global cinema for clearing the concept of people regarding VFx. Not just in the film industry but also in the gaming industry VFx is equally used.

The job prospects in the VFx industry are clearly huge because of the large size of the whole role. The roles and nature of work can be custom tailored to one’s own liking, skills and abilities. Some of them are Roto artists, Compositing artists, VFx Paint artists, Stereo artists, layout artists, and many more.

This is an emerging industry with great prospects in future. This field is so huge that you can specialise in VFx itself and open up many new vistas for yourself. So, if you are interested in the animation and VFx industry, do not step back and join us for better learning.