Graphic Designing Industry

The demand for Graphic designing industry is rising cause of the advancement in technology. The reason being same as with animation, 3D technology, VFX, web designing, advertising agencies and other related field. With this advancement in technology, most of the digitized works get dependent on each other. For example, the gaming industry’s dependency on Graphic Designing, animation and VFX. All the 3 of the design service often go hand-in-hand being used together and so on.

With the increase in the overall demand for design services, the Indian design industry is also growing. Expecting the Indian graphics industry to grow up to a whopping INR 188.32 billion by 2020. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, united states’ report, 5% of growth can be expected by 2026. The number of design jobs is increasing day by day with the gaining popularity and increase in demand for design services.

What is Graphic Designing?:

The process of conveying the ideas through visual communication is known as Graphic Designing. The end-product is formed using the images, logos, words, typography, etc. The Graphic Designers create newspapers, advertisements, banners, web design templates, books, brochures, sign boards, product packaging. In short, Graphic Designing is the art form of visual communications.

What do Graphic Designers do?

Skills required by graphic designers to work in a Graphic Design firm are: -

  • 1.Designing the layout
  • 2.UI Design
  • 3.Typography
  • 4.Diagramming
  • 5.Digital Painting
  • 6.Illustration
  • 7.Web Banners
  • 8.Image editing
  • 9.Logo designing
  • 10.Advertising and branding
  • 11.Website Templates designing and many more.

Along with designing, they also help in resolving the related issues. Creative mind, apt designing skills and marketing skills- is all required in this business of web design/graphic designing.

The technology has become so much advanced that the designers can easily prepare the graphics. This saves both time and effort. An hours job is being done in minutes, all due to the advancement of graphic designing industry.

These days many graphic designing softwares are available which ease the work of a designer. The designers work also towards making of visual communications. Graphic designing is no more restricted to just the visual effects. Both audio/visual designs are given equal importance. Thus, the designers use their skills to successfully make an art using both audio/visual effects.

There is no stop to the advancement of the graphic designing industry. With each passing day something new is coming up. The designers got to keep themselves updated with every new feature and its usage. So, they need to keep learning. This isn’t a one time course. This reason being for the increase in the no. of entry level design jobs and the demand for fresh talent.

Types of Graphic Designing

Though almost all variations of graphic designing may seem to be similar but yes, there are differences among them. The way each design is made and the tools and graphic elements used to carve each design does varies. To a layman everything is same and design industry is all about creating a design. Just as all the types of graphics art is same to a normal man. Each area of the graphic design has its own specialization and skills and tools required. Let us throw some light on some of the commonly used type of graphic designing for better understanding: -

  • 1. Visual identity graphic design- Visual identity means the tag of the brand. Every company has it own brand name and say a log or word tag or whatever you may say. Yes, creating the brand identity is also an element of graphic designing. This is an individual category of the designing industry. Visual identity is the face of the brand used as a brand reference everywhere it is used. Thus, every company is very particular about it, increasing the designers work. The designers need to be very particular as to usage of images, graphics, clipart and letters. Thus, it is essential for the visual designers to know all the designs to properly carve out the design required.
  • 2. Marketing & Advertising Graphic design- To a common man the role of graphic designing industry is just restricted to advertisements. To them, it is of use only to the advertising agencies. No content/ product is of use if you aren’t able to market it. Here comes the importance of marketing and advertising and the role of graphic designing industry. Mostly all of advertising agencies have graphic designers in their team to aid them create the add. The forms of advertising channels include- billboards, banners,postcards, trade show display, magazine, social media, newspaper, television, etc. Whether it is an audio-visual add or just a visual effect the design services is required.
  • 3. Motion Graphic designing- Have you ever wondered how is the that dancing image created or the moving tattoo? If yes, the answer is motion graphic designing. Yes, you are right! The common day GIF is what I am talking about, a form of communication design. Almost on social media platforms you will these GIFs being shared. What are these actually? How is it created? Nothing but the new technology added to the graphic designing industry- the motion graphic designing. This motion graphic is becoming more and more popular with increasing demand for design industry and advancement in technology.

How Graphic Designing is done?

The graphic designers are given a brief idea of what the product is. They do their work by getting a clear view of how the client wishes to put it forth. Based on these requirements and researches, the graphic designer comes up with few ideas. Accordingly, the designer designs the product required using the skills mentioned above. All designers are well-equipped with the usage of the graphic elements. This helps them better cater to the needs of the client. The graphically designed product is finalized based on some factors. The art directors look for the perfect design and whether graphic art is able to convey the message. Graphic designers use wide range of skills and graphic elements to make the designs as pleasing as possible. They also use different colors, shapes, fonts, images and text etc. so that the message conveys exactly the same meaning.

Applications of Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is used in the layout and production designing industry. Helps in production of magazines, journals, newspapers, and advertising agencies.

The new age requirements also range from portfolio designing, signage, web development, presentations, animation, website design, gaming, graphic art among others.

This technology is not just confined to graphic elements. The design services cater you from product packaging to designing a unique logo. The designers work out for marketing the product on every platform like signboards, brochures, advertisements in papers, social media, etc.

Top Graphic Designers in India

Pattronize InfoTech, Verve Logic, Studio Tale, Communication Crafts, Multia, Power, Forebear Productions, Inkcadre Technosoft Pvt. Ltd, Softway, Successive Software, Saeculum Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Human Experience Design are some of the leading Graphic Designers in India.

Graphic Designing Industry vs Jobs

The Graphic Designing market has been rapidly growing over the past few years. It is here to stay for sure. One can pursue a fine career in this field. Some of the career choices are Artists,

  • Graphic Designer
  • Image Editor
  • Digital Painting Artist
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Visual Image Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Layout Artists
  • Web layout designer
  • Logo designers
  • UI designer
  • Product Packaging designer

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